Questions & Answers 

 What cancer research organization do donations and 20% of profits go to exactly? 

All donations and 20% of profits from paintings are given to The Special Care Foundation, a nonprofit foundation actively working to find cures, treatment options and preventative measures for canine cancer as well as other diseases affecting pets. Learn more here. 

What type of photo produces the best results?

Remember your pet is the most important feature of any photo you send in, so try and choose a photo with a clear view of his or her face. It’s best if they are looking directly at the camera instead of down or away. Photos with good lighting that show off your pet’s natural coloring helps produce more accurate results as well.

How about the background of the photo I send in?

Your painted canvas may or may not include the exact background pictured in your photograph, depending on how it will impact the final results of the painting. If there is a certain background color you want please let me know.

What if my pet is deceased?

If your pet has passed on a personalized hand painted canvas is the perfect way to keep their memory alive. Many of my clients have shared their struggles with looking at photographs of their deceased pet because it makes them feel so sad, and they are surprised how happy they feel when they look at their pet’s canvas painting. Some of these same clients actually keep their paintings by their bedside and enjoy talking to them before going to sleep, finding comfort knowing their best pal is right next to them.

How long does a custom pet portrait take from order to delivery? 

The exact amount of time it will take varies upon current incoming orders.  On average it takes 4-6 weeks for paintings to be completed and shipped out. My paintings are done in the traditional way by hand without the use of technology. I put a lot of love into every painting and so I appreciate your patience.

Do canvas paintings need to be framed? 

All paintings are completed on 1.5″ deep canvas. This allows me to paint the edges so that you have the option of not framing the painting.