You can help find a cure for canine cancer by donating any dollar amount, from $1 to $100.  100% of all donations made through this page will go directly to The Special Care Foundation.

What Is The Special Care Foundation?

The Special Care Foundation for Companion Animals (SCFCA) is a nonprofit foundation actively working to find cures, treatment options and preventative measures for canine cancer as well as other diseases affecting pets. The foundation works closely with academia, industry, biotech and the FDA, giving them the ability to “fast-track” new treatments and preventative measures as they are discovered.

What Makes The Special Care Foundation Unique?

There are two factors that set this organization apart. For one, they don’t use animals for testing such as “Contract Research Organizations” do. Instead, SCFCA is compassionate to animals in all regards, including the research process.

As a “Compassionate Care Organization,” SCFCA only takes on programs that will enhance ‘quality of life’ while simultaneously treating the disease. Also, SCFCA makes sure that all medical advancements are distributed and made available to animals all around the world, not just in California.

Over the years, SCFCA has treated so many pets with cancer and other diseases, including my own dog. When my dog Qupid was diagnosed with cancer at only 5-years-old I nearly gave up all hope. Thanks to the tireless research SCFCA has put in, there were multiple treatment options available. As a result Qupid is still alive and thriving over one-year later. That doesn’t mean she is cured, research has yet to discover a real cure or preventative measure for cancer.

The more research that gets done the closer we become to finding a cure for cancer, not just for animals but for humans too. Someday in the future cancer will be completely curable, you can help make it happen by making a donation today.

$1 can’t change the world, but if we all give one dollar there’s no stopping us. Together we can make a big difference… together we can eradicate cancer. And that’s what Painting For A Cure is all about!

Learn more about the SCFCA here.

*100% of all donations made on this page go directly to SCFCA. 20% of profits made from painting sales go to SCFCA.