Debbie lives in Poway, California with her husband, 3 dogs and 2 horses. She has 3 daughters who live in the area and visit as often as possible. Debbie’s passion has always been hair, ever since she was a little girl getting in trouble for cutting all of her new dolls’ hair off. While working as a talented and busy hairdresser, Debbie never once even considered drawing or painting.

All of that changed after not one, but two of her golden retrievers were diagnosed with cancer. On one particularly emotional day Debbie was struck by a voice deep within telling her to draw pet portraits to raise money for canine cancer research. At first, she thought the voice in her head had gone nuts… she didn’t know how to draw! It took many long hours, YouTube videos and private lessons, but Debbie soon realized she was just as capable with a paintbrush as she was scissors and a comb.

When Debbie isn’t drawing pet portraits you will find her cooking homemade food for her three dogs, in the hot yoga studio with her daughters, or doing hair in her private salon.